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Math and memory to be successful at the casinos

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If you want to be successful at the tables, math and memory can be invaluable resources.

Thanks to math you will be able to:

  • Calculate bets with the best chance of winning
  • Understand which bonuses are the most convenient
  • Calculate the odds of winning in a given phase of the game
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Playing Poker with the help of mathematics

If you are an expert in Texas Hold’em Poker you will know that it is possible to calculate the chances of winning in the different phases of the game.

One of the biggest things you can do is figure out the pocket aces coming out in the early part of a game.

Of course there are already templates available to simplify this calculation but being able to do the calculation manually will help you replicate the calculation at different stages of the game.

In mathematics it is called a discrete uniform distribution and is calculated by dividing the number of favorable cases by the possible cases.

Of course, you won’t be sure of winning but it certainly helps to rule out totally unfounded game possibilities.


Mathematical systems in Roulette

We have collected all the roulette methods in the roulette tricks  article.

Mathematics has however had a fundamental contribution to roulette above all to define the methods that do not work. In roulette the house has a 2.7% advantage and the various casino rules which impose limits on bets do not allow the application of methods such as the Martingale which could be advantageous for certain aspects.

Mathematics was fundamental for Eudaemons who managed to win 10,000 dollars at the Santa Cruz casino. I talk about it on science-proven methods to win at roulette


Memory and Math in Blackjack

In Blackjack there are real mathematical rules used by professional players that allow you to decide in a cold and reasonable way on which action to take based on the cards received and the dealer’s face up.

For example when to stand or hit if you have a soft or hard total.

Another technique widely used in Blackjack is that of counting cards for which you need to have an excellent dose of memory and experience.

Card counting is a very complicated technique but let’s see briefly how it works.

After the cards have been dealt, 312 remain available (if there are 6 packs in the game). Among these:

  • 96 are 10-value cards
  • 24 for each card from 1 to 9 each

The shuffling is done when the plastic marker is reached and at which point there are approximately 75 unused cards.


Approximately 20 cards are used for each round.

The percentage of tens at the beginning of the game is 30.77% but this rises and falls randomly from 25% to 35%.

When the percentage rises to 35%, the game is in favor of the player.

A simple method therefore is precisely to count the tens and try to understand when it is the right time to bet more.


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