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Tips Roulette: 13 numbers trick and others

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Try the best tips to play roulette

How to Win at Roulette


In this article, you will discover all the best tips for roulette that will increase your chances of winning.

These tips are to win at live roulette and automated roulette simulator.




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Roulette Type

The popular 13 numbers trick is used by the best professional player in the world.

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The 13 numbers trick in roulette is very famous and used by all the professional players.

It’s not based on mathematical calculations that take the previous number into consideration.

In roulette, the ball can land on any number or colour on any turn. It’s impossible to calculate the number or the colour that will be the winner based on the previous result.

This rule is the base of the 13 numbers trick.



You have to bet the same amount of chips for every number that you choose.

You can win 36 chips if you bet 13 chips.



This trick has always given me great satisfaction in both live roulettes live and automated.

It’s based on the principle that the ball has the same probability of land on each point of the wheel on every turn.

In fact, in roulette, the ball can land on each number or colour independently from the number or colour that was the winner the turn before.

Choose 13 numbers placed at an equal distance along the roulette wheel to use this trick.

To be sure you can withdraw your winnings, I suggest you play only in legal online casinos.

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Only look at the roulette wheel and not the table to choose the right numbers.

Start from 0 and take a number every 3. Choose a black number and a red alternatively.

For example:

  1. 0
  2. 15
  3. 21
  4. 17
  5. 27
  6. 11
  7. 23
  8. 24
  9. 1
  10. 31
  11. 18
  12. 28
  13. 35


The 13th number could be 3 or 35. I prefer 35.

I suggest you rewrite all the numbers order because it is easier to bet on them.

  1. 0
  2. 1
  3. 11
  4. 15
  5. 17
  6. 18
  7. 21
  8. 23
  9. 24
  10. 27
  11. 28
  12. 31
  13. 35

You can start from a number different to 0 to create your series of numbers but remember to follow the rules for choosing them.


Which casino online could I choose for this trick?

One of the best online casinos to use this trick in is Betway Casino. There is a wide variety of roulette games, both live and automated, available on this site.

Another great casino is 888 casino.


Which type of roulette could I choose?

The French Roulette has the best percentage of winning.

The player is more disadvantaged in American Roulette because there is one more number (00).


Trick for automated roulette simulator software

I have used the 13 numbers trick a lot in automated roulette and achieved great results. The game that I prefer is NetEnt’s French Roulette. One advantage of this is that you can try the demo version of the roulette and play to test the trick without spending money.


Trick for live roulette

This trick was created playing on a real roulette table but if you can’t go to a real casino you can play in the roulette of an online casino such as 888 casino.

The online casino’s live roulette works like the common live roulette.

In some live roulettes, you can chat with the croupier and watch the ball in slow motion. These are the best for playing.


How to win roulette every spin

If you are asking if “Is it possible to win every turn at roulette?” The answer is NO.

It is possible to win some spins and win a really good amount of money but there is not a secure scheme to win every spin.

Even if you find a biased roulette you will have some losses.

You should calculate if you are winning or not only at the end of your game.

When should you stop the game?

Choose your budget before starting the game and count the money you are betting on every spin.

Stop when you have betted the budget you chose.

With this method, you will have some losses and some winning but never lost more than you have expected.


Martingale roulette strategy

The Martingale roulette strategy is also called the double up method.

This is one of the most famous tricks for roulette.

Now I will talk about the weak points of this strategy and I will show you a variation of the Martingale strategy to optimize the chances of winning.

The biggest weak point of the Martingale strategy is the difference between the amount of money that you have to bet and the amount of the win.

In fact, you win only one chip for every winning turn.


How work the Martingale strategy in the roulette?

To play the Martingale Strategy at the roulette table, there are 3 fundamental steps:

  1. Choose the betting section
  2. Choose the betting unit
  3. If you lose you have to bet double of the betting unit in the next turn
  4. If you win you have to bet the betting unit chosen in the next turn


1 Choose the betting section

You have to bet only in the section of the roulette table that gives you 50% chance of winning (I am excluding the 0 or 00 to simplify things).

These sections are:

  • Red or black
  • Pair or even
  • 1-18 or 19-38

If you bet 1 unit in one of this section you could win 1.


2 Choose the betting unit

The betting units have to be as low as possible.

Every roulette table has a minimum and maximum betting amount.

On a table with a minimum of 1 chip and a maximum of 500 chips, I suggest you choose 1 chip as the betting unit.

This way, you will have a maximum of 10 turns to play this trick.

3 if you lose, you have to bet double of the betting unit in the next turn

Every time you lose a turn, you double the amount of your bet.

For example:

Betting section: red

Amount of bet: 1 chip

If you lose, you have to bet 2 chips at the next turn.

4 if you win, restart playing a chip

Every time you win, you have to bet 1 bet unit at the next turn. It is needed to consolidate your position and to avoid a loss.


Example of Martingale classic at roulette

Here an example of how to play the Martingale trick at the roulette

  • Section chosen: red
  • Unit of bet: 1 chip


1 chip1 chipROSSOLose– 1 chip
2 chips1 chipROSSOLose– 3 chips
4 chips1 chipROSSOLose– 7 chips
8 chips1 chipROSSOLose– 15 chips
16 chips1 chipROSSOLose– 31 chips
32 chips1 chipROSSOLose– 63 chips
64 chips1 chipROSSOWon1 chip

As you can see, the amount in the column “Amount that could be won” is always one chip. Even when you bet 64 chips in the last turn, you win 128 chips that give you a profit of only 1 chip. It’s because you have to take in mind the losses had been made before.


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Limits of Martingale trick

As we can see from the previous chapter, the Martingale Trick has 3 limits:

  1. It’s “foolproof” when you have endless money. That’s impossible for everybody
  2. Roulette tables have a limited range of betting. For example, if you choose a table with a limit of 1 chip of minimum bet, It often has a maximum bet of 500 chips. In this case, you can do only 10 turns with the Martingale trick.
  3. You could risk too much for having a insignificant win. In the example previous we bet 64 chips for winning only 1 chip.


Bet Value in the Martingale trick

If you want to try this method, here the bet value in a roulette table with minimum of 1 chip and maximum 500 chips:


1 chip
2 chips
4 chips
8 chips
16 chips
32 chips
64 chips
128 chips
256 chips
10°500 chips

In my opinion, it is not really convenient for betting 500 chips for getting only 1 chip in profit.


Double Martingale trick

The double Martingale trick is a variation of the Martingale.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Betting always in one of these sections:
  2. Red or black
  3. Pair or even
  4. 1-18 or 19-38
  5. Choose a low betting unit
  6. Quadruple the chips if you lose
  7. If you win, restart betting one unit


Here an example of how it works:

1 chip1 chipROSSOLose– 1 chip
4 chips3 chipsROSSOLose– 5 chips
16 chips11 chipsROSSOLose– 21 chips
64 chips43 chipsROSSOWON– 43 chips


In this example, after 4 unlucky turns, we were betting 64 chips and win 43 chips. A big difference with the Martingale classic where the winnings could be of only 1 chip!

The cons of this variation are that you can do only 5 turns in a roulette table with a minimum of 1 chip and a maximum of 500 chips instead of the 10 of the Martingale classic.

Here are the betting values for all the 5 turns:

1 chip
4 chips
16 chips
64 chips
256 chips


On the 5th turn, you bet 256 chips and you could win 171 chips.

If you have a higher budget you could start your betting from 2 chips. So, the betting values will be:

2 chips
8 chips
32 chips
128 chips
500 chips


In this case, you could win 300 chips betting 500chips even if you lose all the 4 previous turns.

Is the double Martingale better than the Martingale classic?

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Scientific method to win the roulette

There are some scientific methods to win roulette.

Here I will explain the 2 most famous.


Winning by studying the bias of the roulette’s wheel

This method was invented by Joseph Jagger who won over 2 million francs at the Casino de Monte-Carlo.

Jagger was an entrepreneur from Yorkshire. He observed that the spinning wheel used in the textile industry always had some bias that caused unbalancing.

In the roulette wheel, an unbalancing can cause some numbers to win more frequently than others.

Jagger started to test this hypothesis at the Casino de Montecarlo’s roulette for a month. During this period, he always played at the same roulette table, betting a very low amount of money and taking note of all winning numbers. After this period he knew which numbers won at that roulette table more frequently and for some days he started putting a lot of money only on those numbers.

In this period, he won 2 million francs, the equivalent of 7,5million of pounds in 2018.

Jagger’s winnings broke the bank of the casino as he had won more cash than the casino had on hand.

Measuring the speed of wheel and ball to predict the winning numbers

The Eudaemons were a team of students that won 10,000 dollars at Santa Cruz Casino’s roulette in the 70s.

They studied the physical behaviour of the wheel and the ball and developed a method to win at roulette.

The Eudaemons predicted the winnings numbers by measuring the wheel and ball’s speed and developing a mathematical model.

Calculating the winnings numbers was very complicated and took a lot of time. So, they invented the first wearable microcomputer.

The Calculator was put inside a shoe and was linked to a hidden micro camera that measured the speed of the roulette wheel. The winnings numbers were relayed to a vibrotactile output system hidden under the shirt.


In 2004, 3 players won 1 million pounds at the Ritz Casino in London with a similar method.

The group used a laser scanner to check the speed of roulette’s wheel and a mobile phone to calculate the winning number.

The casino’s staff surprised them while they were using this trick. They were arrested and processed but they were judged guiltless. So, they were able to withdraw the winnings.

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