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Are VLT Slots the most advanced option?

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As you may know, on Gambling Mania we are not particularly fond of physical slot machines.

VLT slots, although they have a different mechanism than normal cafe slots, they still have a much lower RTP than online slots and, by our standards, are not advanced.

Let’s start from the beginning.

What are VLT slots?

The acronym VLT stands for Video Lottery Terminal. As you can guess from the name these slot machines work like real lotteries.

Each slot machine is connected to the other through local and national servers.

Each play made on a slot participates in the accumulation of a jackpot that can be won at any time and in a completely random way.

Compared to normal bar slots, therefore, VLT slots are more advanced and allow higher winnings. However, the volatility is higher than many bar slots. This means that you will have higher payouts but less often.

Is it better to play VLT or online Jackpot Slots?

The RTP (return to player) is very low in VLTs as in all bar slot machines.

In fact it is around 70%.

In online slot machines the RTP is around 90%.

Furthermore, there is a type of online slot that works similar to that of VLTs.

Progressive jackpot slots are also connected electronically and each player’s bet competes for the accumulation of a jackpot that can even reach millions of euros as in the case of Mega Moolah or Irish Riches.

The jackpot in this slot can be won by any player at any time regardless of the amount bet or the type of lines bet.

Conclusion: Are VLTs more advanced? It depends.

VLTs are certainly more advanced than normal physical slots but if we compare them with progressive jackpot slot machines we can say that they are games from another era.

Furthermore, the low payout percentages make VLTs unattractive games for players with a minimum of experience



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