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Find out if you can really turn the passion for gaming into a job

Is living off casino really possible?

This is a question that many have asked themselves, especially in this period of crisis in which everyone is looking for alternative ways to live.

Earning to live with online casinos means making money playing in casinos and it is a topic as controversial as it is debated.

As far as poker is concerned, there are many stories of players who made their fortune by playing and winning in international tournaments, but can it be the same for casino games?

The top 3 tips from players who have tried it are:

  1. Play only in licensed online casinos
  2. Always cash out small winnings
  3. Set a loss budget and never exceed it
  4. Take advantage of casino bonuses
  5. Have fun

Let’s take a look at each point.


Play only in licensed online casinos

Not all online casinos have the authorization to be players from India.

So if you opened an account in an unauthorized casino in India, if the site were taken down, your account would be closed and you would not get a refund.

Before signing up, I advise you to read the reviews of the portals here: Best Online Casinos

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Always cash out small winnings

It is important to always cash out winnings so that you can daily account for what the revenue was.

Of course, it’s not always feasible because sometimes you risk missing out on a bonus. One of the rules of casino bonuses is in fact not to withdraw during the period in which the bonus is valid, under penalty of losing the bonus.

If you are playing without the aid of a bonus, however, this rule is very valid.


Set a loss budget and never exceed it

As you can see, it is essential not to look for winnings especially when you have a bad day but always play within the limits of your possibilities without overdoing it and settling for even small winnings.


Take advantage of casino bonuses

Optimizing your winnings by taking advantage of the promotions it will also be important to make good use of the bonuses that will be paid to you.

In fact, not all games will allow you to make the most of the bonus. I refer you to this article if you don’t know how casino bonuses work: Differences between casino bonuses: Fun Bonus Vs Real Bonus.

Besides, it is important to remember to only play at reputable online casinos. Look at the list of casinos we have reviewed and choose your favorite.


Have fun

In conclusion, casino games, like all gambling, and like all games, were invented to have fun.

It will hardly be possible to win a monthly salary so high that you can quit your job.

However, by taking advantage of the right strategies, which we have listed in the tips for winning, you will certainly have more chances of winning.

The situation is different if you aim to win the millionaire jackpots of the jackpot slot machines.

There however, as in the case of the Super Enalotto, it would not be a monthly but a one-off annuity.

So have fun and don’t overdo it!


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