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Casino Bonuses: Fun Bonus vs Real Bonus

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In this article, we will talk about the all types of casino bonuses and how to improve your winnings through the bonuses.

The first time that I subscribed to an online casino I was enthusiastic. I made a deposit of £20 and I received A £60 bonus.

Roulette was my favourite game and after several turns, I was surprised because I couldn’t withdraw my winnings. I didn’t know how the casino bonus worked, nor the difference between Fun Bonus and Real Bonus.

I began to study all about the rules of casino bonuses and I discovered how it works.

Furthermore, I discovered that roulette wasn’t able to transform the Fun bonus in Real Bonus in that online casino.

This article was born from this experience.

Here you will discover the rules of the casinos’ bonuses, which ones will help you to win more easily and more often.

I’m sure that you will never waste another good opportunity as has happened to me and maybe to you in the past.

There are different types of bonus and every online casino has different rules on bonuses. So, be careful when you join a new online casino to read the bonuses’ rules before playing.

One of the most important things to know is which games are the best to convert the casino bonus, but let me start from the beginning

What Casino Bonus is?

The Casino bonus is a credit that the online casinos give to the player for promotional reasons.

You can use this credit to play in the casino without making a deposit.

You can increase your chances of winning in the online casino with the bonuses but you need to know how they work.

There are 2 main types of casino bonuses:

– Fun Bonus

– Real Bonus

Fun Casino Bonus

A fun casino bonus is a promotional credit that the casino gives you after the registration or after a deposit.

You can’t withdrawer this credit or the winnings that you can obtain playing it.

The Fun Bonus is important to creating the Real Bonus.

How can you receive a Fun Bonus?

There are 2 main ways of receiving a Fun Bonus:

– No Deposit Bonus (also called Welcome Bonus)

– Deposit bonus


No Deposit Bonus (Welcome Bonus)

If you are a new member of an online casino you can receive a No Deposit Bonus. This bonus is also called a Welcome Bonus and to receive it you have to know that:

– Your email and identity document don’t have to be registered in the casino.

– This type of bonus is valid only for one home address and one IP address.

There are a lot of casinos online that offer No Deposit Bonuses so, if you have already registered in one casino, don’t try to cheat and choose another website.

Read our review before choose.


Deposit Bonus

Every time you make a deposit into your online casino account, you should have a deposit bonus.

In some casinos you have to add a promotional code when you make a deposit.

Read the section “promotion” of your casino and our review to be sure you don’t miss a promotional code.

If you want to increase your chances of winning you have to play the Fun Bonus in pre-determined games. In this way, you will transform the Fun Bonus into a Real Bonus.


How should you play a Fun Bonus?

As I have told you, you can’t withdraw the Fun Bonus but it is useful to create the Real Bonus.

To create the Real Bonus you have to play the Fun bonus in specific games for a specific number of times.

The rules of the Fun Bonus change from one online casino to another.

In all of our online casino reviews, we talk about the specific games to play in that casino to optimize the transformation of the Fun Bonus into a Real Bonus.


Real Casino Bonus

This is the most important bonus in an online casino because is the only one that allows you to receive additional winnings.

You can play a Real Casino Bonus on any game and you will be able to withdraw your winnings.

The only way to obtain the Real Bonus is to play the Fun Bonus in specifics games for a specific number of times.

There are some games that are better than others to do this.


How should you play a Real Bonus?

You can play the Real Casino Bonus on any games of the online casino.

The online casinos that add restrictions to the games where you can play the Real Bonus are very few.

With the Real Bonus, you will have more opportunities to win because you could bet this “extra credit” and withdraw the winnings that you will make. You could win real money even if you don’t have money in your account!


Stop bad surprises with Casino Bonus

As I have told you, every online casino has different rules about casino bonuses.

Before choosing an online casino read our articles and our reviews. Furthermore, read the rules of the casino bonus in the casino’s site.

To be informed is the only way to avoid bad surprises… which?

Imagine that you have registered with an online casino because they have been offering you a big no deposit bonus. Now, suppose that you only want to play roulette.

Are you sure that the betting on roulette will be the right way to transform into the fun bonus in real?

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