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One of the most famous Italian providers and manufacturers!

MAG Elettronica is an Italian gaming provider that produces both online and physical slot games.

One of the most famous slot games made by them is Flow Play Gold or the Chicken Slot.

In 2011, thanks to the joint venture with WMG, the also began creating online slot games.


How was the success of MAG Elettronica born?

This all-Italian company has been operating since 1972 and their success is linked both to inventiveness and to the ability to always keep up with the times.

The slots that have marked the history of MAG Elettronica have certainly been 2: Haunted House and Flow Play Gold.

Hauted House was one of the first Italian physical slots approved according to Article 110 Paragraph 6A. Today, this slot is also available in its online version even if the graphics are not quite up to date.

Flow Play Gold, on the other hand, was one of the most loved slots ever in both the online and physical versions. Do you think that this slot is still today one of the most sought-after on search engines.


Is the online or physical version of this provider’s slots better?

How the online and physical versions operate is practically the same for MAG Elettronica slots.

The return to player (RTP = Return To Player) for the hen slot is 65%.

Although it may seem low to you, it is still in line with Italian legislation.

Generally online slots maintain higher percentages than physical ones.

Unfortunately, we have no data on this so we have to assume that the RTP is identical for both the online and the physical versions.


What are the strengths of this provider?

The strengths of this provider are the multiple game possibilities and the fun graphics of their slots.

Flow Play Gold, for example, although it was created in 2016, is still very current today.

 Other slots instead has a bit of a “vintage” touch in our opinion.


How much can you win on this provider’s slot games?

Again, there is no official data but we refer you to our guide on Flow Play Gold if you want more information about this slot.


What are MAG Elettronica’s most famous slots?

Here are the most famous slots by this provider you will undoubtedly come across in any slot hall:


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