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RNG Slot Algorithms

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Have you ever wondered how slots work? Most people know they are designed for fair win rates, but how do they achieve this? In this blog post, you’ll learn how the algorithms behind these games work.

The algorithms used in slot games are kept as confidential as possible.

These devices work through algorithms called RNG (Random Numbers Generator). Thanks to these algorithms, the slot draws random combinations of symbols. It’s clear that there are thousands, if not millions, of melds that could come up at every turn.

But let’s see in more detail what algorithms are.

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What are RNG algorithms

An algorithm is a process or set of rules used to find the solution to a problem. There are many types of algorithms in programming, but they all include a procedure that includes:

  • Input
  • computational steps
  • outputs


How a Random Number Generator (RNG) Algorithm Works

RNG algorithms are capable of generating numbers or combinations that appear random and without a pattern.

Every programmer knows how easy it is to use applications that take advantage of RNGs. All programming languages have built-in applications for creating random numbers natively.

Even in Microsoft Excel, you can easily use the RAND formula to create sets of random numbers

The reason games like slots rely on these kinds of algorithms is that they make the sequences that generate winning combinations impossible to decipher.

Indeed, it is impossible to know the combination sequence that will lead to a win in a slot game.


The purpose of slot algorithms

What makes slot games fun is the possibility, not the certainty, of winning.

Online slots have complicated algorithms within them that try to entertain the player and encourage him to play. How?

Making him win but not always.

In fact, the return to player (ie the percentage of winning also called payout) for online slots is around 95%. This means that if you have gambled €100 you will generally only have lost €5.

The slot machine will mix winnings and losses in the attempt to entertain you.

The algorithms underlying slot games, therefore, are not simple random number generators but are designed to give you fair and legally compliant winning possibilities as well as having fun.

Although it is not possible to guess the sequence of winning combinations for a slot, most players still prefer these games over the others precisely because they are simple and fun.

In slot games, it is not easy to win this just to make the game more intriguing.

If you think about it, any game in which it is very easy to win becomes boring after a while.

Players tire easily of games that are too simple to devote themselves to those that stimulate them the most.

The fun lies in this, in the feeling of adrenaline that you feel while betting and in the happiness you have every time you hit a winning combination.

All of this, of course, if you play in moderation and without exceeding, either in terms of time or money played.



Slots are among the most popular casino games in Italy.

While they may seem like a simple game, there is actually a lot going on behind the scenes to make sure every spin has the right win percentages. right and random.

RNG algorithms make winnings in slots completely random and fair within the limits of the law.

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