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Progressive jackpot slot machines

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The slot machines with the highest payout.


This type of slot machine has the highest payouts but watch out for the RTP (Return To Player)!

Slots with a progressive jackpot owe their recent popularity to the high payouts they issue.

The Guinness World Record for the highest winning ever won on a slot machine was hit by Mega Moolah, a progressive jackpot slot.

The jackpot was hit in the UK on Betway online casino in 2019 and the amount was €17,879,645.12.


Why are payouts so high?

These slot machines are all connected to create a huge online network.

Your bets, along with those from other players using the very same slot as you, increase the jackpot value.

Therefore, the more players a slot machine has, the higher the value of the jackpot will be. 



How to win a Jackpot?

The jackpot is randomly won.

No matter what type of bet you placed.

You can even place a minimum bet and still win 1 million euros.



What’s the Return to Player?

Compared to other slot machine, jackpot slots have a higher volatility.

This means the Return to Player rate is lower if compared to other slots.

For the record-breaking slot Mega Moolah, the RTP is around 80%.

It still is a higher rate if compared to land-based slots, but players must be aware of this characteristic if they choose to go for a slot with a lower RTP.

The extremely appealing jackpot definitely is the main reason why the RTP value is so low.

Long story short, no one gives you anything for free!


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