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How to play safe

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Learn how to find the safest slot machines before start playing

Playing safe online

To play online slots safely, make sure you only choose casino has a valid gambling license.

This certification can be found on all authorized websites and shows whether they are legal. To make sure either bonuses and games winning odds are legal, look for the logo and only then proceed with your registration.

To protect yourself from online frauds, commonly happening when you play on unauthorized websites, some portals have been created to help you recognize the most reliable and popular companies in the gaming field, such as GamblingMania.net.

These portals, in addition to slot machines, have also made other games available. This choice has exponentially increased their number of users, which doesn’t seem to stop growing anytime soon. It is therefore essential to know which websites are the most reliable to avoid any frauds.


Safe Online Slots

So far, we have described all types of slots, but which ones are the safest to play?

  1. First of all choose your online casino. Click on “Best Online Casinos”.
    1. Check if on the chosen slot it is possible to convert Fun Bonuses into Real Bonuses. In this regard, take a look at the chart at the bottom of this page “Slot Machines List”.


In this way you can make sure the slot winning odds are in line with your country legislation.

Remember to choose your slot very carefully especially if you wish to increase your winning odds by using bonuses.


Slot machines contribution in converting Fun bonuses may differ greatly from one casino to another (if you are curious, check “Fun Bonus Vs Real Bonus”). By using the “Search” function on our website to check the winning odds of your chosen slot and the best casino to play that specific slot.


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