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How to play Slot Machines

It is really easy to start your gaming experience with both the online and bar slot machine.

Here the main steps to start a game:

  1. Top up your casino account
  2. Choose a slot machine
  3. Choose your betting line
  4. Choose the coins value (not available for all slots)
  5. Push the spin button
  6. Wait for the reels to stop and check if you won

In addition to the above settings, you can also set your slot in autoplay mode. 


All slot machine settings

It is really easy to play online slots, as you just need to choose the size of your bet and click on “spin” to start the reels.

There are also more advanced settings most players are not aware of.


Online Slots betting lines

If you increase your betting lines, odds of winning will be higher as well.

This means that you can choose on which slot lines you think the successful combination will come up.

Of course, playing on multiple lines greatly increases your odds of winning, but at the same time it is also more expensive.


Autoplay mode

The AutoPlay option is available in all online slots by choosing beforehand the bet amount, the betting lines and and how many times you want to play.

Your gaming experience will be quick, but you will also have to ensure all stops are correctly set, otherwise the smallest oversight could make you lose.

There are 3 different types of stops:

  1. When you reach the minimum credit
  2. When you get a winning
  3. When you enter a special mode


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