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How to play slot machines for free

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Best slot machines to play for free and where to find them.


Free Slot Machines 

Gambling Mania allows you to play for free with all the best online Slot Machines.

Register for free to any of the following online casinos and play all games available without being charged.


Why playing slot machines for free at an online casino?

Online casinos have a far wider portfolio if compared to any other reviewing websites, including ours.

Our main aim is to test games.

In addition, online casino games often change on a monthly basis.

It is therefore pretty common to get used to a specific free slot and then, when you decide to stop playing for free, being unable to find another version of that slot with real money.

By directly accessing an online casino you will also gain access to the real money-using version of any slot machine.


Why play the free mode?

Most of the time, you start to learn how to play slot machines by practicing with the free versions, as it helps you to familiarize with all the special functions and, last but not least, to better understand if it is a game for you or not.

There is nothing worse than starting to play slots right away with no previous practice and to later realize that you are not cut for it.

Some slots have wonderful interfaces but, as soon as you start playing, it feels like the ‘80s, with graphics and music that seem to have been created with Amiga.


Who can play the free version?

Anyone can access the above-mentioned casinos and subscribe to them.

As soon as you gain access you won’t need to make any deposits, as you will have the option to either keep playing for free or not.

On Betway $1000 will be available for you to test all games, including the live ones.

On other portals though, such as 888Casino, you won’t have any limits to playing slots. In this case, you cannot test any live games…not a big deal, as you are trying to play slot machines for free!


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