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An exciting adventure in search of El Dorado!

Gonzo’s Quest


RTP: 95,96%




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Gonzo’s Quest – Where to Play

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Gonzo’s Quest slot machine

Gonzo is a Spanish explorer in search of hidden treasures beneath the Mayan ruins.

Your aim is to help him discover those wonderful treasures. Gonzo is not that good at finding clues, but as soon as the Avalanche comes up he always manages to conquer substantial spoils.


Betting rules

 You can bet from $0,20 up to $50,00 per spin


Special move

 In this game, the avalanche is the special move that allows you to increase your winnings up to 15 times. This mode consists of a series of free spins where winnings are multiplied with an increasingly higher multiplier.


Return to Player

The Return to Player is 96%. This value is in line with the average of all online slots. Winnings with this slot happen pretty often, but they are of minimal value. Its volatility is in fact medium/high.


Here is the chart for 888 Casino and Betway.

The most wanted slot from all players. Play for free and find out all the tips and tricks to win.



Gonzo’s Quest- Find out the best tips

Gonzo’s Quest is one of the most popular slots by NetEnt. You can find it in most online casinos as it is one of the most played slots, as well as the one that records most winnings.

Find out all Gonzo’s Quest tips


Gonzo’s Quest features

This slot is played over 5 reels with 3 rows and 20 lines.


Gonzo’s Quest Commands

Game Levels

Game levels range from 1 to 5, therefore you can choose on which line combinations to place your bet. Unfortunately, it is not possible to visually mark the chosen lines. 

By clicking on the numbers next to the symbols area or on “i” you can find all the 20 winning lines.


Coin value

On Gonzo’s Quest your credit will be converted into coins.

This option ranges between 0.01 and 0,50 and allows you to choose which value to assign to your coins. By the end of each round, your coins will be automatically converted back into real money.

Basically, this is just a way to vary the value of your bet. Such as:

Game level 5 and 0,01 coin value, your bet value will be 1€.

Game level 5 and 0,50 coin value, your bet value will be 50€.


Play Button

By clicking on this symbol you will start the game.


Max bet

Watch out from this button, as by clicking on it you will start a level 5 round. No matter if this was set at level 1, as it will automatically change. 



AutoPlay allows the automatic gaming function and has pretty interesting advanced settings.

By clicking on the advanced settings, besides choosing the number of rounds to play, you can also set the following triggers to stop the game:

  • when a winning occurs
  • every time you win a free falls
  • whether a winning exceeds your specific chosen value
  • whether your budget increases of a certain value
  • or in the unfortunate case your budget decreases by a certain value


Gonzo’s Quest symbols

The golden symbols only appear in the first 3 reels and are the most important as they allow you to win Free Falls.

Simbolo Free Falls


The Wild symbol is a jolly that replaces any other symbol

Simbolo Wild


Among the normal symbols, the one with the highest winning odds is the one below:


Gonzo’s Quest Special Bonuses


As soon as you get the winning combination, the winning symbols explode and disappear from your screen. This allows the other symbols above them to potentially form new winning combinations and increase the winning odds.

At each avalanche, winnings are multiplied and their value is shown at the top right area of the screen, in the multiplier box which ranges between 1 and 5.

Avalanche winnings are structured as per below:

  • In the first avalanche winnings are multiplied x1
  • In the second one x2
  • In the third one x3 
  • From the 4th onwards x5


By playing in the basic mode you can get up to x5 multipliers for the avalanche, while by using the Free Falls mode you can go up to x15. 

You can get great winnings with the avalanches.

For instance: by playing the max bet, 0,01 coin value and by making a bet of 1€ it is possible to win 50€ with 3 avalanches and a x3 multiplier.


Free falls

This game mode is triggered when Free Falls symbols turn up in rells 1,2 and 3. Each bet line with 3 symbols activates 10 Free Falls.

Simbolo Free Falls



With this mode avalanches can trigger the multiplier up to x15.

It is therefore by playing this mode that you get the best winnings.


Tip to win Gonzo’s Quest

To earn the best winnings on Gonzo’s Quest, it is really important to get the Free Falls.

From the tests we run, sometimes we had to try 50-60 times before getting them.

The best settings recorded from our tests are:

  • 0,1 Coin value
  • 3 Investment lineup

In this way, your bet is 6€.

Winning odds on Gonzo’s Quest are around 96%,  there is therefore a chance for this slot to release some winnings at some point.

Obviously, slot functioning is not predictable and it is therefore important not to put 100% of your trust in these settings. Instead, try to run some tests beforehand and only then take your chances with your preferred settings.

To have some practice, try the Gonzo’s Quest version at the top of this page.

See below a video of a very lucky Free Falls.