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  • Winning Combinations
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Extra Chilli is a slot machine with 100,000 possible winning combinations. It offers the player up to £200,000 in prize money. In this review, we will look at what makes Extra Chilli so unique and exciting!

Extra Chilli Slot Machine


RTP: 95%




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Extra Chilli where to play

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£20 No Deposit

How to play Extra chilli slot machine

When you open the slot machine, you will notice that one of the main commands in regular online slots is missing. This missing command is the one that enables you to choose how many lines you wish to bet on.


Extra Chilli doesn’t have this feature because it is a Megaways-type slot machine.

How the Extra Chilli slot machine works

Megaways slot machines have winning combinations that change with each bet and can exceed 100,000 in number.

In the case of Extra Chilli, the combinations go up to 117,649.

You will win when you get the right combination of symbols, in any direction, from left-to-right or vice versa.

The 3×6 square will display the usual combos while 4 symbols on the bottom row can be used to replace those of any column.

In the following image, you can see how it works:

combinazioni vincenti in una slot megaways


Start to play

First, you have to choose how much money you want to bet.

Use the green arrows on the screen.

Choose the Stake

The arrows in the mobile version are tiny but they don’t affect gameplay.


After that, you can click/tap on the green button with the “play” symbol.

Play Button

The game will start. The reels will spin. When they stop, you will find out if you have won.


Automatic Gaming

To enter the automatic game mode, click on the two arrows that form an oval.

After clicking, you will get a menu where you can choose:

  • How many spins you want to do
  • The total limit of losses
  • The maximum limit for a single win

Unfortunately, there is no setting to stop it automatically if you enter the wild mode.

Wild Mode

The highest winning mode is the Wild mode. It can be accessed when you get “HOT” symbols.

These symbols can appear in a normal game or when you buy the free spins through the Feature Drop.

When you enter the Wild Mode, you will have to choose if you want to play free spins or try your luck at the wheel of fortune. You can win up to 24 free spins!

The first step on the wheel of fortune is to bet between 12 and 0 free spins.

lucky wheel 12-0-8

If you get 12 spins, then you can decide if you want to keep the 12 or bet again. If you bet again then, there are 16 or 0 free spins.

lucky wheel 12-0-16

During the test, we won 12 free spins many times but we only won 16 one time.

The extra boxes that appear after you win don’t improve your chances of winning. They are only decoys.

The next bets are between:

20 free spins and 8 free spins.

lucky wheel 20-8-16

24 free spins and 12 free spins.

lucky wheel 24-8-20

After you redeem your free spin, you can play in WILD mode.

Buy Freespin

When you click the “buy” button in the upper right corner, you enter a mode called Feature Drop which is where you buy free spins and the access to the Wild Mode.

Buy free spins

The cost of the free spins is based on how much you bet.

If you bet €0.20, then the cost for the free spins will be €10.00.

After clicking, the “HOT” symbols appear on the slot. This means that you have entered Wild Mode.

How to win on Extra Chilli

The highest winning combination is when you line up 6 purple peppers.

Thanks to this combination, it will be possible for you to receive 50 times the amount of money that you bet.

chilli color

Game strengths

One of the strengths of this game is its winning lines. There are over 100,000 available.

Also, you can enter Wild Mode whenever you want to make things more interesting!

Return to Player

The Extra Chilli Return to Player is listed at 95%.