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  • High potential for winnings
  • You have to choose the bet carefully

Dead or Alive is an old Wild West inspired slot game that has become a classic in its almost 11 years of operation.

Dead or Alive Slot Machine


RTP: 96.82%



MAX BET: € 1000


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How to play Dead or Alive

A slot for real badasses featuring the likes of Jesse James, Apache, Billy the Kid, Della Rose and the charming Belle Starr.

All of them, of course, placed as Wild symbols ready to go wild to trigger the Free Spins feature.


The slot controls the classics ones used by NetEnt that you can also find in other slots such as Gonzo’s Quest.

In the center you can find the button to start the game and then the various icons for the settings such as the one for the automatic game.

The settings you can choose are:

  • Bet lines (level): 1 to 9
  • Coin value: 1 to 0.50
  • By clicking on maximum bet the slot will automatically set itself on bet lines 9 and val. 0.50 coins betting the maximum bet available which is €18.
  • Clicking on “Autoplay” you can set both the laps to be performed automatically and the advanced settings. Which to understand each other are the same as those of Gonzo’s Quest which we have already talked about and I refer you to the article.


Dead Or Alive symbols and bonuses

The symbols of this slot are all inspired by the old and wild West and range from boots to sheriff medals to shots of whiskey… unfortunately the latter are among the symbols with lower payouts, that was a total let-down for us.


Your goal is to hit scatter symbols to enter Free spins mode.

The symbols in question are the crossed pistols. With 3 scatter symbols you can win 12 Free spins.

Once you enter this mode all your winnings will be multiplied by 2.

Furthermore, thanks to the pistol symbol you can receive additional prizes which are counted according to the number of pistols that appear. Thanks to this bonus you can win from 4 times to 2500 times your bet.


Wild symbols are called Sticky because once activated by the chosen play lines, they remain glued in their positions.

They will thus give you the chance to win up to 29 Free Spins all of course with a 2x multiplier.

According to NetEnt, you can also get a mega bonus of 3000x your stake if you land a lot of wild symbols.


Strengths of the game

Surely one of the strengths that have made this slot famous during the almost 11 years of activity is the possibility of being able to win so much thanks to the additional bonuses

With scatters you can win up to 2500 times your bet and with wild symbols up to 3000.

These bonuses are additional and take into consideration the number of symbols, scatters or wilds, that have appeared on the screen.

In total NetEnt reveals that you can win up to 12,000 times your stake.

Like all slots where there is the possibility of winning a lot, the volatility is high so you have to choose your bets wisely and have iron nerves… just like in the good old west!


Return for the player
the return to player is 96.82%

FAQ: Dead or Alive

What is the maximum payout you can get in Dead or Alive?

You can win up to a maximum of 12,000 times your stake.


How do you win Free Spins?

By activating the scatter symbols, i.e. the guns.


What are the symbols that win the most?

Actually, there are no symbols that make you win more, it is more a combination of circumstances.

First of all, you will need the scatter symbols to enter the Free Spins mode where every win has double value.

After that, thanks to the wild symbols you can win additional bonuses and free spins.