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Slot Machines

Slot machines are one of the most popular gambling games in the world.

The game consists in the activation of spinning reels, whether you win or lose is only determined once the reels stop moving.

In some versions, as in the older ones, the player activates the reels by pulling a handle located on the slot machine side.

In UK, especially the most traditional versions of this game, they are also known as “Fruit Machines”, as fruit symbols are often represented on the spinning reels.



In this article, you will find all you need to know about the most popular online slot machines, along with some advice and instructions on how to play free slots.

In the Games category, tips on the best Slot Machines played by us and instructions on how to play are at your disposal as well.

You will learn about the record-breaking slot Mega Moolah, along with the most famous slots such as Gonzo’s Quest.



In the Slot Machine Guide category, you will find all the information any experienced or inexperienced player needs to better approach this world or just to stay updated.

Winning odds are often higher if you play online slots. If you are curious, feel free to check the article Slot machine types – online slots.

Further details on how to play slots can be found in the article Slot Machine Tips – a comprehensive set of all known tips to play slots in the best way.


If you are interested in slots with the highest winning odds, visit the Progressive Jackpot Slots page.

If you are uncertain on which game provider to play or if you wish to get the latest updates, visit the

Slot Machine Providers




Slot Machines on GamblingMania.net

Many contents about slot machines can be found on Gambling Mania. We will help you learn how to play and we will keep you updated on news and promotions about these games.

To give our fans all the tips they need to play slot machines, we have decided to collect all the best game strategies.

Thanks to the slot machine guides, you will discover all the available slots on the market, including online slots with a jackpot and bar slots.

In addition, you will learn how to play for free any slot machines on any online casinos.


How to get promotions to play slot machines

Slot machines are the main gambling games in all casinos.

What makes them so popular, is just a matter of users preferences. Most players usually start to fall in love with this game by playing it in land-based casinos. Online gambling usually follows for different reasons, such as higher RTP.

An additional reason is the huge amount of promotions that online slots usually offer. For online players, there is plenty of choices to better enjoy their gaming experience.


Slot machines offer a huge amount of bonuses. Most bonuses available in online casinos are usually for slot machines use.

Each bonus has specific rules. If a player wishes to win with a bonus offered by the casino, this needs to be played at the appropriate games.

It is therefore important to know the most suitable slot machines to play the offered bonus.



No deposit bonuses for Slot Machines

No deposit bonuses are also available in most online casinos to play slot machines. 

They are usually pretty low and can be of two different types:

  • No deposit bonuses- cash:
    • Minimum of €5
    • The bonus amount is available as Fun Bonuses and can be turned into Real Bonus
  • No deposit bonuses- Free Spin
    • €1 free spins
    • Free Spin winnings are usually counted as Fun Bonuses
    • Free Spins cannot be turned into Real Bonuses straight away. Fun Bonuses you get from your winnings, on the other hand, can be converted.

If you wish to know more about all types of bonuses go to Casino Bonuses Fun Bonus vs Real Bonus web page.


How to play slot machines?

Since the day the very first slot machine was invented by Charles August Fey (check the History of slot machines to know more), these games have deeply evolved.

In the past, you could only play slot machines in casinos or in game rooms. Today you just need a smartphone to access thousands of different slots.

To play you just need to:

  • Choose the value of your bet
  • Choose the game lanes (whether possible)
  • Start to play by tapping the start button 
  • Set the AutoPlay on if you wish to speed up your match

Online Slots or Land-Based Slot Machines: which one to choose?

Online slots and land-based slot machines basically have the same functions.

Sometimes, like in the case of Flow Play Gold , both the online and the land-based versions of the game are available for the very same slot machine.

As previously mentioned, functions are the same. What only changes is the Return to Player.

Online slot machines usually have a higher Return to Player if compared to other land-based slots. You can check the RTP percentage in the article in our reviews such as 888 Casino.

In addition, if you are interested in Slot Machines with a Jackpot, bear in mind that slots with the highest winning odds are the Slots with a Progressive Jackpot and they only are available online.


Slot machines with a Jackpot

In addition to the usual free spins, Wild mode and bonuses, Slot Machines with a Jackpot allow you to win a prize.

The jackpot is randomly won, no matter how much has been bet by the player.

For instance, the record-holder for the highest prize ever won in a slot machine, placed a minimum bet. The game played was Mega Moolah, a Slots with a Progressive Jackpot. The jackpot was hit on Betway online casino.


How to win at Slot Machines

It might sound crazy, but one of the best tips to win at slot machines is to stop at the right time. This can be after a good winning and definitely way before wasting all your money.

There are different strategies to play slots, the most popular ones can be found at Slot Machines Tips.


Best 2021 Slot Machines

Best slot machines are not just those with frequent high winnings.

It is certainly easier to win if you play a Slot Machine with a Progressive Jackpot, but is it the best one? Is more fun guaranteed?

Certainly not. This type of slot machines usually have outdated graphics and music, and the quality of wild bonuses is not as good as in common online slot machines.

A slot machine we found really appealing in 2021 was the Narcos slot machine.

The popular TV Series was one of the sources of our love, but not the only one.

Both graphics and soundtrack show great attention to details. Fun is guaranteed, even in the free version of the game, thanks to the extremely high winning odds.

Furthermore, wild bonuses are of really high quality and it is great when you win and you get to play a new type of game.


Pick your favorite Slot from our list and check the winning odds data


There are plenty of slot machines available online,

On our website you can find both the monthly percentage of slot machines winning odds, and charts to check if a slot is on a specific online casino.

Prior to playing, make sure you read our reviews in the Games section to get some tips on how to play and optimize your bets.



What are the best slot machines?

There is no slot machine better than others, as it comes down to personal preferences. If it is a life changing jackpot what you are looking for and you do not care that much about the gaming experience, you can head to Slots with a Progressive Jackpot.

On the other hand, if you want to make the most out of your gaming experience from a graphics point of view and get some extra game modes, our advice is to play slots from providers like NetEnt.


What are the most popular Online Slots? 

One of the most popular slot machines in Italy certainly is Mega Moolah. As it has been one of the most common bar slot machines in all slot game rooms and its fans keep looking for it online. Its graphics are timeless and allow you to win very good prizes.


Which casino games are safe to play? 

Secure casino games are those who own a gambling license.

There are different types of licenses and the validity change from country to country.

This type of online casino has the following features:

  • Logos, registration number and licensee country of the gambling license written on every website page.
  • The website must show an encrypted https connection

All online casinos partnered with GamblingMania are strictly legal. Personalized promotions from these portals are also available to all our users. You might find the following ones pretty useful:

  • Betway
  • 888 casino


Where can I play slot machines for free?

You can play for free at all the best online casinos. Each review shows how to play online casinos for free.

Take a look to the following articles to play in some of the current best online casinos:

  • 888 casino
  • Betway
No Deposit Bonus
£20 No Deposit