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  • Interesting wild mode
  • The graphics are starting to look dated

Are you ready to embark on an epic adventure with one of the most beloved literary heroes of all time? Then start challenging your fate with Ulysses, the Trojan hero who stood up to the giant Polyphemus and the sorceress Circe and whom you will accompany in the slot version on an exciting journey full of surprises!

Ulisse Slot Machine


RTP: 94.03%



MAX BET: € 1000

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How to play Ulysses slots

Ulysses slot is perhaps teh most beloved ones i the adventure genre, and it is a classic 5-reel, 15-line slot .

The lines are:

Linee di gioco

From the beginning you can set the number of lines you want to effect.

To do this you have to click on the settings menu

Simbolo impostazioni

The settings menu will appear, the first screen of which is precisely “BET”.

Simbolo Bet

Here you can decide:

  • COIN PER LINE: how much to bet on each line
  • COIN VALUE: the value that each game token (coin) is given. By setting it to 0.10, 1 coin will have the value of €0.10.
  • LINES: to set how many lines you want to bet on. As mentioned, they range from 1 to 15.

Menu Bet


The “Total Bet” alue found at the top right indicates the total number of coins that will be bet on the selected lines.

In “Coin value” you will also find the corresponding value in euros; while the balance in coins you have available in the game appears in “coin credit“.

Furthermore, by clicking on “Max bet” you can set the maximum value of all possible settings.

Once the bet values have been set, you can exit by clicking on the yellow “Back” button at the top left.

At this point, you can start the game by clicking on the “Spin/Stop” button and start spinning the reels.


Autoplay settings

In order to “Autoplay” you have to:

  1. Click on the settings icon in the top right corner
    Simbolo impostazioni
  2. Choose “Autoplay” from the left menu
    Simbolo Autoplay
  3. Select the number of times you want to place the set bet
  4. Click the yellow “back” button at the top left to return to the game and start the automatic game

Autoplay bar



Attention: unfortunately there is no setting to choose when to stop the game.

In some slots such as Gonzo’s Quest, for instance, you can choose to stop the game after a certain amount has been won or you have entered the Wild mode.

I therefore advise you to always be careful and to stop the game if you have received a good win.



Symbols of the Ulysses Slot

The symbols of the Ulysses slot are: Calypso, the Trojan horse, the warrior, the shield, the helmet, the swords, the ship and the letters K-Q-J.



Ulysses symbols Slot with payouts

Simboli slot Ulisse



Ulysses Slot special symbols

Simbolo Wild slot Ulisse Ulisse Wild It occupies the entire reel and increases the chances of getting winning combinations
Simbolo Ulisse Sirena Sirena jokerIt can replace all other symbols except scatters and can expand to the full reel
Simbolo Slot Ulisse Circe Scatter Circe It starts the Circe Bonus
Scatter PolifemoScatter PolyphemusIt starts the Signs Bonu


Special Bonuses for Ulysses slot

Ulysses slot offers you various bonuses.

Circe Bonus

Ulysses Circe Bonus: activated when you win 5 Scatter Circe symbols.

Then, choose the cup of wine that Circe has to offer to the soldiers.

If the chosen cup is not poisoned you win a prize.

You have 4 attempts to win then the game returns to normal mode.


Signs Bonus

Ulysses Signs Bonus: activated when you win 5 Polyphemus Scatter Symbols.

Three rows of paintings appear on the screen: those outside are still while the others move.

You have to freeze the moving images when they complete the figures.

Every time you succeed, you win a cash prize.

When you block them all you can go back to the normal mode of the game.


Bow of Ulysses Bonus

Bow of Ulysses Bonus: activated when you win 5 mixed scatter symbols.

In questo caso hai tentativi per puntare e colpire i soldati con arco e frecce.

Se il tiro va a segno vinci un premio.



Strengths of the game

The popularity of Ulysses makes the game very captivating, as well as the presence of those figures/characters who are part of the long journey back to the city of Troy.

The presence of the 3 special bonuses (Circe, Signs and Bow) is also very interesting because it increases the ways of winning and makes the game more exciting.



Among the weaknesses, of we can point out  two:

  • autoplay cannot be stopped, an option other slots allow when you manage to get a certain win;
  • in the Ulysses bow bonus aiming is irrelevant, because hitting the right soldier is a matter of luck.


Return for the player

The return to player is 94.03%



FAQ: Ulisse

Is Ulysses available to play with real money?

Yes, you can play for real money at many of the online casinos we’ve reviewed. Pick your favorite on Best Online Casinos.


Can you play Ulysses slot for free without downloading anything?

Yes, you can play on the various gaming portals without having to download any app on your devices.

Does Ulysses online slot offer free spins?

Yes, because if the 5 scatter symbols appear on the screen, 3 different bonuses are activated, offering cash prizes and free spins.

Is the free version slot also available on mobile?

Yes, the free mobile version is available free of charge for both iOS and Android devices thanks to the slot programming made by Capecod.