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No Deposit Bonus

Tips to win

A No Deposit Bonus is one of the most wanted casino bonuses.

No Deposit Bonus

You can use it to:

  • Increase your chance of winning
  • Test a new online casino

Find out the best no deposit bonus!

What is a No Deposit Bonus

A No Deposit Bonus is a Fun Bonus that some online casinos give to new players.

The Fun Bonus is a credit that online casinos give to the player for promotional reasons.

Not all online casinos offer the No Deposit Bonus and you can find them in our list.

The Difference between a No Deposit Bonus and a Welcome Bonus

A No Deposit Bonus is a type of Welcome Bonus.

There are 2 types of Welcome Bonuses:

  • No Deposit Bonus
  • First Deposit Bonus

Many online casinos offer the Welcome Bonuses but not all offer the No Deposit Bonus.

How many types of No Deposit Bonuses are there?

There are 2 types of No Deposit Bonuses:

  • Fun Bonus: it is credit in your currency that the casino will add to your account
  • Freespins: they are free spins that you can play on a slot machine

If you are interested n playing slot machines, they are both good.

Instead, if you want to play other games like roulette, it is better for you to choose the Fun Bonus.

How can you have a No Deposit Bonus?

If you want to have a No Deposit Bonus, you have to subscribe to an online casino and register your ID document.

Online casinos give the Welcome Bonus only to new customers.

So, you have to know that:

- Your email and identity document don’t have to be registered with the casino.

- This type of bonus is only valid for one home address and one IP address.

How to receive more than one No Deposit Bonus from the same online casino

There’s only one way to receive more than one No Deposit Bonus from the same online casino.

To do this you have to use the name, ID and address of another person.

This is completely illegal so we don’t advise it.

Why is it important to register to an online casino that offers a No Deposit Bonus?

There are 3 main reasons to choose an online casino that gives a No Deposit Bonus:

  1. You can add the No Deposit Bonus to other Fun Bonus and improve your chances to win.
  2. It is useful if you want to test a game or an online casino before make a deposit
  3. It is free credit so, why not take it?

The best games where you can play No Deposit Bonus

In most online casinos there are no limitations on the games that you can play with the No Deposit Bonus.

But if you are interested in transforming the No Deposit Bonus into a Real Bonus you have to follow the next paragraph.

Tricks: How to win with No Deposit Bonus

If you want to transform the No Deposit Bonus into a Real Bonus you have to accumulate the highest Fun Bonus possible.

So, you have to add the No Deposit Bonus to the other Fun Bonus that the online casino gives you and play specific games.

If you want to know more about transforming a Fun Bonus into a Real Bonus, read: Casino Bonuses: Fun Bonus vs Real Bonus